The clothing aisles in supermarkets have gained a lot of attention in recent years; they make it easy for busy parents who are popping in for milk and bread to add to their child’s wardrobe at the same time.

In these supermarkets, there is often one aisle filled with blue’s and greens and browns; dashes of red maybe. There will be trucks and cars and dinosaurs here. Apparently, this is the ‘boys’ aisle.

And then there is another one, an aisle filled with pinks and purples, bright colours; hearts and flowers. A ‘girl’s’ aisle.

… But clothes are clothes!

I chose not to limit my daughter… When I took my daughter to the supermarket, I always told her to pick whatever she liked, from wherever she wanted. Sometimes she went for the land of pink… sometimes she wanted dinosaurs and astronauts. It was all fine.

None of these pieces of cloth was ever going to change who she was.

It was important to me that she knew she could wear whatever she wanted, be whoever she wanted, and that the dividing line between the pink and blue just didn’t matter.

Here at the Princess and the Frock we have so many designs that the only struggle will be selecting which you want; from trucks and flowers, to hearts and blocks… there are different colours and patterns.

We have rainbows and sunshine, and clothes that encourage children to dance in the rain.

We have designs that blast off into space or dive beneath the ocean’s depths, or transport them to the jungle… and they are all children… for anyone who wants to wear them.

So, get stuck in and choose whatever they will love because life is too short to worry about whether something is for girls or for boys.

Clothes are clothes.

Sea romper dungarees kids romper handmade

Small Businesses supporting Small Businesses

This week we would like to mention Melliapis!

At Melliapis they create the stuff of baby wearing dreams; making custom carriers and ring slings, and offering wrap conversions, so that everyone can have the perfect carrier for their little (or slightly bigger) one.

From newborn to preschooler, they can help parents carry their child in comfort and safety, which I’m sure everyone can agree is very important.

Check them out here…

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