Members GroupAre you a Facebook groupie?Here at The Princess and the Frock welovea good Facebook group… so we made our own. It’s a bitlike the cool table where all the popular kids want to be and its perfect for those who love ourclothing as much as we do.Why should you join?Our Member’s Group is as exclusive as it gets. A place where I personally share discounts, newfabrics and the very latest news with all our members; but more than that, it’s the placewhereyoucan have your say in what you’d like to see from The Princess and the Frock.Joiiinussss!Make friends!The Princess and the Frock is all about Mamas and their children and it’s no secret that parenthoodcan be a lonely place. So, we wanted to create a space where parents who love our clothes can meetlike-minded frockers to chat, post and share content with.When you join, and you will (because we say so!) don’t be shy… feel free to introduce yourself andget stuck in.We only have one rule… Be Kind… and be yourself… wait that’s two rules… hmmm.Sneak Peeks!We love to share sneak peeks with our members.There are so many fabrics out there that it can behard for us to choose, so our members group is the perfect place to ask YOU to help us select thevery best designs and fabrics!If you want to see our newest stuff and be the talk of the town, then our Member’sGroup is perfectfor you.Offers!Not only do we give exclusive offers to our members; we also do Thank Yous and Birthday Surprises!Regular customers will be selected for prizes and if it’s you or your child’s birthday we will celebratein style and send you a discount code so that you can treat yourself or your little one.​ Where else can you get such royal treatment?How do you get started?1.Find a lamp.2.Rub it.3.Make a wish…We’re totally joking of course!!!Simply click the link below and it will take you there like a flying carpet… magic.When should you click?Now, now, now!![Link]Business of the weekSmall Businesses supporting Small Businessesthis week we want to highlight Bellisima Camping –The perfect place for all your campingneeds!At Bellisima they create beautiful patterned bell tents that are as stylish as we are!We can’t be the only ones dreaming of summer evenings around the campfire, toastingmarshmallows and watching the sun set… and there really is no better way to make thosememories than with your very own Bellisimatent.Check them out here

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