Dress Kids like Kids – Age Appropriate Clothing

So what is age appropriate clothing? When thinking about my kids, I do just that. Think about them as kids. Kids love to run, jump, play, scream, jump into muddy puddles, climb trees, build dens and generally put their clothes through a tough time. Not one of those activities requires clothing that is restrictive, revealing or have inappropriate branding or messages. Think about what your kids actually do – does the clothing fit the bill?

Funky, age appropriate leggings

I also ensure I model appropriate clothing. I am a working mum of 3 kids, so as much as I love to look stylish in bright, bold colours, I also need clothes that are practical for me. Leggings, a nice top and a cool set of dungarees might sound basic, but they are gorgeous to look at, practical for me to get on with my day, whilst at the same time providing positive clothing choices for my girls.

We spend the majority of our lives with adult responsibilities, concerns and thoughts. Let’s allow our children to enjoy their childhoods for as long as possible.

To see my age appropriate range for children big and small, please visit www.theprincessandthefrock.com

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